Rich with many natural resources (gold, platinum and diamonds)  like all of the other African regions, the southern region of  Africa is home to 15 nations.  Those countries are Angola, Namibia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Swaziland, Seychelles, South Africa, Mauritius, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Lesotho, Madagascar and Malawi. Among all the countries in the Southern Africa, South Africa is the economic super power, the main center of economic activity and development.


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South Africa

Architecture: In the 12th century, there were hundreds of great cities in Zimbabwe and Mozambique. There, massive stone complexes were the hubs of cities. One included a 250-meter-long, 15,000-ton curved granite wall (9). The cities featured huge castlelike compounds with numerous rooms for specific tasks, such as iron-smithing.

Shaka Zulu: Shaka, King of the Zulus, united ethnic groups in South Africa against colonial rule.  He is credited for his military genius in introducing new weapons and strategies for warfare like the invention of a shorter spear with a longer blade (iklwa) to be used in close quarters and a longer spear (assegai) for long range attacks.  He also invented heavier shields made of cowhide of different colors to distinguish different warriors within the army.


Queen Nzinga: Queen of Ndongo and Matamba (modern day Angola) led many battles and peace treaties with the Portuguese and The Dutch to keep them from advancing into her country to capture as many of her people as possible to sell them as slaves. Queen Nzinga harbored refugees of the slave trade and is remembered in Angola for her political and diplomatic acumen, as well as her brilliant military tactics. She is proudly considered as a symbol of the fight against oppression.

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