Often symbolized as a bird reaching on its back to gather

 its egg, “Sankofa” is an African word from the Akan people of Ghana.  It means “it is not wrong to go back for that which you’ve forgotten".

The mission of Sankofa Village Project, Inc. is to educate,

inspire, empower and uplift the community

about Africa’s vast and great history pre-colonialism

 via fun and family friendly monthly workshops.

 It is our goal to link the achievements of our rich past

 to what we can achieve collectively together in the present.

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Meet Joytrice “Joy” Mack: Goddess, Queen, Wife, Mother, Sister, Auntie, Friend, Entrepreneur and Founder of Sankofa Village Project, Inc.


The vision for Sankofa Village Project, Inc. was birthed out of Founder, Joy Mack's, deep love for all people, especially those who are members of the African diaspora here in America. Because of her unshakable belief in and abounding love for her people, she wants them to feel this same love and belief in themselves which starts with knowledge of and pride in oneself – thus

Sankofa – “as it is not wrong to go back for that which you’ve forgotten”. For far too long, stories of the African diaspora have not been told in its brilliant entirety thereby depriving African Americans of their truly rich and vast history of global achievements in economics, science, literature, art, mathematics. Joy understands knowledge is power. She also understands once the true knowledge of ourselves is disclosed and embraced, the sky is the limit to what we can collectively achieve. After all, it is who we are.


We are Beautiful. We are Brilliant. We are Sankofa.


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We are Beautiful.

 We are Brilliant.

 We are Sankofa.

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Brandon A. Mashack